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The Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

Traditionally, most people think of bringing their dog to a stationary salon when it is time for their four-legged friend to get a bath and a haircut. However, over the past few years, mobile grooming has become a growing trend within the pet grooming industry, and there are several benefits and reasons why mobile grooming may be the best option for you and your dog.

When pet parents decide to give mobile grooming a try, the biggest reason they decide to make the switch is because of how convenient it is! Instead of spending time bringing your dog to the shop and then driving back several hours later to pick him up, you can instead have the groomer bring the salon to you and groom right in your own driveway.

If you have an extra furry or adventuresome dog who likes to play and get dirty, with mobile there is no need to worry about your car getting messy from driving to a grooming salon, and then having to hurry and wash it so you don’t have to put a clean dog back on the dirty seat. If it is too difficult to round up small children as well as the dog and drive everybody to drop the dog off at a shop, or if you have multiple dogs, you can simply stay home while the groomer comes to you. Some clients choose to use mobile grooming simply because they enjoy luxury services, and want the best experience possible.

The convenience of not having to drive your dog to a shop is not the only benefit to choosing mobile. Many clients prefer mobile because it is a one on one service. At a shop, groomers often work on a high volume of dogs in a day. It is quite common for a dog to be at a shop for three to six hours, and most of that time is spent sitting in a crate while the groomer completes other dogs.

Often times a bather will perform the bath and most of the drying process soon after the dog arrives for their appointment, and then place the dog in a crate to finish drying, or until it is his turn to make it to the grooming table. Shop grooming is much less expensive than mobile grooming because they are able to do at least twice as many dogs in a day via this assembly line method.

With my mobile services, I am guaranteed to be the only person who works on your dog, so I am able to get to personally know each and every client (both dog and human!) very well. The entire grooming session is performed start to finish, in a crate free setting, and the majority of grooms are completed in an hour to an hour and a half. Shops also tend to be loud, hectic environments, due to multiple people moving about and dogs constantly barking at each other. Mobile grooming is the exact opposite-the entire experience is calmer, quieter, and less stressful overall.

Sometimes the dog benefits from mobile grooming more than his pet parents do. Dogs who get carsick, even on a short ride, don’t have to deal with that since the van is stationary in their own driveway. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs (but loves people!), mobile grooming is best because you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with anybody else’s dog. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or other ailments also do best with mobile since it is faster and they know they are still at home while inside the van.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the spread of diseases the same way you do when you bring your dog to a shop. Airborne diseases are far more likely to spread in a shop, as dogs are typically all kenneled in the same area. Mobile grooming is much better for dogs with compromised immune systems, as well as young puppies and the elderly alike.

These are only some of the benefits that mobile grooming has over a shop setting. If you are interested in experiencing these benefits for yourself, contact Tara with Paws on the Go today!


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