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See What Some of My Happy Customers Have to Say!

I Love Receiving Feedback From My Happy Customers!

Here Are Some Reviews

"Tara is so wonderful! I had the pleasure of meeting her while she was a groomer at a daycare I took my dogs to. I was thrilled to find her again with her mobile service. She has been grooming my babies for 7 years now. My dogs love her and she is so sweet to them. She does an amazing job on my baby boy pup, he has crazy thick hair and he always looks so good from his monthly grooms by Tara. Thank you Tara for always being so wonderful in every way! My dogs are my children and you treat them with such care like they were your own. Thank you so much!!!!!!"

 - Kim B.

"My dogs love Tara! No shaking, no slinking, no growling, they are as happy with her as they can be. We are too! 

She is thoroughly professional and her work is top notch. I strongly recommend her to anybody looking for a great groomer."

 - Pierce O.

"I started using Paws on the Go because my dog has some anxiety problems and I didn’t want to bring him to a grooming salon where he would be overwhelmed by all the other animals and people. Paws on the Go has made it so easy for me to get Auggie groomed without having to worry about his health. He seems much more relaxed when its time for grooming. Also, Tara grooms Auggie exactly how I want him groomed. Most places try to give him a cocker cut (he is a cocker spaniel) but Tara listens to what I actually want and follows through with it. Auggie & I cannot wait for his next appointment!"

 - Andrea S.

"Awesome service! Always on time and professional! She does an amazing job with Prince all the time."

 - Dev C.

"Tara came on pretty short notice to groom my older pup Lulu, who is 17 and has a few anxiety and mobility issues. Tara was prompt, professional, and kind, and treated my old girl like the princess she is. Thank you!"


 - Celisse D.

"What an amazing job on our Goldendoodle Falcor. I didn't think it would be possible that he could get any cuter but wow. He's never been so fluffy. Perfection. Thank you."


 - Scott L.

"Professional and Highly recommend. Exceptional work."


 - Ayda S.

"I contacted Paws on the Go Tuesday evening, and i asked for the soonest which was today (Friday 11/17)! I got an appointment quickly so I quite was pleased since barktoberfest is on Sunday! I’ve never done grooming on the go, and i do have to say that the experience was lovely. i have two children under three so lugging them in the car and the dog is a hassle. Being able to walk out my door and only have to wait under two hours was AMAZING. Waffles is a goldendoodle that has never been groomed (9 months old). I attempted to groom him myself, which ended horribly. POTG fixed him right up! He was quite patchy before and had some matting on his ears. He turned out wonderful and I’ll be going back and recommending them to everyone!"

 - Alexis B.

"Just had my shitzu groomed. She did an awesome job! He smells and looks amazing! Thank You! Will definitely be using her again."

 - Penny B.

"I had my 2 cockapoos groomed today. Tara did a great job, the girls look fantastic. If anyone is looking for a mobile groomer Paws is a great choice. My dogs loved her and I she treated them like her own."


 - Jennifer C.

"My pets absolutely LOVE her. She was Quick but efficient and all three looked great. The best is that they like her so much they wined when she left. Will definitely use again and highly recommend."


 - Patty K.

"Tara was so sweet and gentle with my senior, overweight golden retriever, Sadie. Also, now Sadie looks so clean and she's so happy that she's acting like a puppy! Will definitely use again."

 - Christina B.

"My dog needed a lot of work and Tara was fantastic. She made him look like a brand new puppy! Definitely will hire again!"

 - Yarian B.

Are you happy with your service? If so, please feel free to leave a 5-star review!

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