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Why Mobile
Dog Grooming?

Learn the Advantages of Mobile Grooming
Which You Just Can't Get in a Pet Salon Setting

Located in Salt Lake County

Mobile pet spa in Millcreek, UT THAT COMES TO YOUR HOME

Mobile dog groomer in Millcreek, UT that travels to you with a mobile pet spa.

Mobile pet grooming is a fast-growing trend in the Utah pet industry.  And for a reason! It offers convenience that can not be matched by a stationary salon. The personalized attention is a great way to assure your dogs' safety and minimize stress. One-on-one attention means fewer distractions, no cages, which in turn means less time spent at the groomers, and more time spent at home with their favorite toy. 

Midvale, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Millcreek, Taylorsville, Murray, West Valley City, South Jordan, West Jordan, Riverton, Draper, South Salt Lake, Kearns!
The benefits are endless!


-  Educated Groomer with years of experience 


-  Prioritizes customers needs


-  Ran and operated by the same person 

  • Convenience
    This is perhaps the number one reason to choose a mobile groomer! Instead of making a couple of trips to drop off and pick up your dog from a salon, you will save time and gas by having a mobile groomer come to your house. Standing appointments are also available, and recommended so that you don't have to worry about making an appointment last minute. You also don't need to be at home to have your dog groomed by me! It doesn't get any more convenient than that!
  • Personalized Attention
    All dogs receive one-on-one undivided love and attention for the entire duration of the groom. Dogs are happier with the constant attention and enjoy the grooming experience more.
  • Less Stress
    Many dogs get anxious for car rides and don't travel well or get physically sick in the car. With mobile grooming, your dog just has to walk out the front door to get a bath or haircut. Dogs feel more comfortable being close to home, and remain less stressed during the groom. Nervous and timid dogs do better in a mobile setting, as well as dogs that don't tolerate being around other strange dogs.
  • Better Environment
    Instead of being left at a busy salon full of barking dogs all day long, your dog will appreciate the quiet and comfort of my grooming van. Dogs pick up on each others moods, and one barking, stressed out dog can make all the other dogs become stressed out as well. Mobile grooming creates more of a luxurious, spa-like experience, resulting in happier dogs.
  • Faster Service
    Most small dogs take an hour to groom, versus a salon where you can expect your dog to sit around for hours while being worked on periodically.
  • No Cages
    Dogs love the cage-free environment. Since I do not crate and use cage dryers, all dogs are professionally dried by hand, resulting in better grooms.

"Your ideas and suggestions are valued at Paws on the Go. I strive to provide a service in which I can show you my passion for what I do, and why I do it."

We treat your pet with care and love.

When using Paws on the Go, you will never have to worry again. I'm a privately-locally owned and operated business. As I'm the only groomer, you will receive the same quality care with each visit. This is the opposite of a busy salon, where you have to worry about who will end up grooming your dog. I take pride in getting to know my furry clients and their likes and dislikes.


Health benefits for your furry friend. 

Your dog(s) will be the only one(s) inside my van, which eliminates the risk of contracting parasitic diseases such as kennel cough. Dogs with weakened immune systems do best in a mobile grooming setting. By allowing enough time between appointments, I'm able to fully disinfect the van before heading to your home.
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