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Salt Lake City Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming, especially here in Salt Lake City, is one of the hottest trends in the pet industry. All of the same services available at a storefront salon can be performed in your very own driveway. My mobile grooming van is a state of the art vehicle, that is fully self-contained and equipped to suit all of your dog's grooming needs. All of the amenities of a shop are provided with the van, including a climate controlled system with air conditioning and heat, a huge fresh water tank with warm water, massaging bathing system, and high velocity dryers. I use a wide variety of products that are top of the line, professional quality, and are selected to give your dog the best spa experience possible.

Grooming Service Overview

All of the same services that you can have done in a shop are also done with mobile grooming. The bath service is the most basic, and is perfect for dogs with short coats that just need to be cleaned up, double coated dogs who need routine bathing and brushing to keep shedded fur to a minimum, or if you have a long coated dog that needs some pampering in between haircut appointments. Several shampoo options are available, from hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs with extremely sensitive skin or owners with an allergy to scented products, to protein enriched shampoo geared towards dogs who shed heavily or need a more nourishing, hydrating product. A blueberry facial wash is also included, and is most helpful for dogs who need some whitening around the face or who have heavy tear stains.

Trimming Services Available

Some dogs need trimming done, and the other two grooming services provide an option for how much hair cutting is required. Both grooming services always include the bath and blow dry, as it is crucial to properly prepare the coat in order to do a quality haircut. The haircut is always done last, as a clean, dry coat is needed for the haircut to come out its very best. Depending on the coat type and needs of your dog, you can choose between a mini groom and a full groom.

Mini & Full Dog Grooming

The mini groom service would only be trimming around the foot pads and feet, sanitary areas, and for dogs with long fur on their face, trimming around the corner of the eyes and visor as well. This option is most commonly done for dogs who have long, double coats and only need minor trimming in the areas mentioned. Breeds such as golden retrievers, rough collies, great pyrenees, shelties, and border collies typically get the mini groom. This service is also ideal for dogs who need to be tidied up in between their full groom appointments, just to keep these specific areas cleaner.

The full groom service is the most commonly chosen one, and includes all of the above plus a full body haircut. Many breeds and mixes, such as shih tzu, poodles, maltese, and various doodles require regular full grooms in order to keep their coats in optimal condition. It is recommended keeping your dog on a regular grooming schedule between four and eight weeks to prevent fur from matting, which will result in a shorter haircut. The longer you would like to keep your dog's coat, the more frequently you will need to have them groomed.

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