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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers To The Most

Frequently Asked Questions

About Mobile Dog Grooming in Utah

Answers To Common Questions.

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  • Arrival

Why Am I Not Given An Exact Appointment Time?
When making an appointment, I will give arrival time in the form of a two-hour window, rather than a specific time. As long as I arrive at any point within that window, I am right on time. While I strive to arrive on time, sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur that are out of my control, such as heavy traffic, accidents, detours, or a previous appointment taking longer than anticipated. If I am running late, I will contact you with an update on the estimated arrival time. 


  • Key-Service

Do I Have To Be At Home While You Groom My Dog?
No, however, I do request that you be available for your first appointment so that I can discuss the groom in person and go over all of your options and pricing. Once we get to know each other, you don't have to worry about being home every time I come by for an appointment.

  • Price


Does Mobile Cost More Than Going To a Shop?
Yes, mobile grooming is an all-inclusive, luxury service. The higher cost associated with mobile grooming reflects the convenience of having me drive to you and providing your dog with personalized, one-on-one love and attention.


  • Extra charges

Why Do I Have To Pay Extra For De-matting/Extra Brushing/Etc?
Extra brushing and de-matting take a lot of time, in order to be done properly and make your dog look their very best. The extra time spent will reflect on the additional fee.

  • Policies

Can I Stay In The Van While You Groom My Dog?
Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, I am unable to allow human customers to stay inside of my van with me while services are performed.

  • Payments

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
Card payment is preferred, but cash and PayPal are also accepted. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Please note that I do not carry cash to provide change.

  • Cancellations

What Happens If I Need To Cancel My Appointment?
Please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel your appointment so that I am not turning other clients down for that date. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment either the day of or the day before or no show, the late cancellation fee is the full amount of the grooming service and must be paid before you can book your next appointment. Changes to the number of dogs scheduled for your appointment, or the service that will be needed for each dog also requires the same amount of advance notice. I may also require the groom to be prepaid, at my discretion, in which case a refund will be given only if given enough notice. No show means that either your dog is not home when I arrive, or you are not home and I do not have access to a key or your garage code so that I can get to your dog and perform the service I drove to you for.

  • Experience 

How Long Have You Been Grooming?
I began my career as a bather/brusher in 2006 and became a professional groomer by 2008. All grooming practices from start to finish are performed by myself. I love all dogs, big and small!

What If My Dog Is Matted And I Don't Want Him or Her Shaved?
Dematting is a painful process for a dog, as their skin is getting pulled on constantly. If there is matting in certain, sensitive areas of your dog, those areas will be shaved without me attempting to demat. If the time required to demat your dog is estimated to take a long time or if your dog is too severely matted, I reserve the right to refuse the service and advise you to have your dog cut short or shaved. Shavedowns or short haircuts will never be given without your permission, so there will never be any surprise shaves.

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